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SC2Level provides great Starcraft 2 coaching services for anyone that is looking to step up their game and start grinding up the ranks. We have Grandmaster coaches of all races who are willing to sit down with you one-on-one and help you improve your sc2 game. The current price of our coaching services is only $20/hr. That’s not very much to pay for getting the opportunity to take a deeper look at your gameplay with a high-level player. Please fill out the form below or add us on Skype to contact us and set up a session!

Please fill out the form below to schedule a lesson with us.

Learn new Build Orders

The coaches at SC2Level are very knowledgeable about the current meta in Starcraft 2. They can advise you on which builds will help you get the highest win rate, and show you exactly how to execute them so you can start getting more wins. Whether you’re looking for a strong cheese to quickly shoot up the ladder, or you want to master the longer macro game, we can help you identify your playstyle and how to play to your strengths.

Affordable Prices

Why pay a fortune for coaching when we can provide you with an excellent coach of at least grandmaster skill.  Many semi-professional coaches out there are trying to charge 40, even $50 an hour.  Don’t overpay and go with someone you can trust to deliver with SC2Level.

Replay Analysis

Each lesson will include a detailed analysis of one or more of your recent replays. Our coaches are great at pinpointing the key fundamental errors that you may be making in your gameplay without even knowing it. From there, they will recommend changes that you can make to start improving your gameplay right away.

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Pricing : $19.99/HR

Special : $35 for 2hours

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